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“The 21st century musical careers presentation was invaluable for our students. It gave them insight into the demands of and options for tertiary music study and beyond and how they could be life-long musicians. It opened our students’ eyes to the fact that developing skills beyond just performing is vital to ensure healthy, successful careers. The idea of building a ‘portfolio career’ was new for many students - and for some, quite a reality check! They all walked away from the presentation with new ideas about their futures as musicians. It has sparked ongoing discussions between both students and staff.”

Ingrid Martin, Conductor and Teacher, Blackburn High School

Passionate about innovation and reform in music education, I can engage and challenge your students, parents, faculty and school leadership to think differently about music education and its purpose.

We can work together to create a custom plan for guest sessions with your students, real world advice for parents, professional development with your faculty, advocacy to your school leadership or Keynote presentations to whole of school events.

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