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The Backstory

I had, on paper, a pretty great set up. Just about to finish a Bachelor of Music on French Horn, I had meticulous plans to be the most Type A, attention to detail, organised Orchestra Manager that Australia had ever seen. I had it so planned out that my plans had plans.

But then, I failed my final performance recital.

#tanked #nailedit

Hear me tell the whole story here.

I ran away from music. And the further I ran away from music through Career 1.0 in event management to Career 2.0 as the founder of a multi-million dollar technology consultancy in Europe, a funny thing happened…

It slowly dawned on me that I was successful in business because I was a trained musician. Go figure.

Stay with me ‘cause I’m going to connect the dots.

All those years training had actually taught me something far more valuable than how to give a perfect rendition of Mozart’s Horn Concerto #4. Those years had taught me how to listen, how to negotiate, how to persist, how to be a leader and how to work in a team. It had also trained me how to dream up creative solutions to complex problems.

I am far from the only musician to successfully transition their skills. Hear experts in Law, Medicine and Business share how music training shaped their success.

So to fast forward from that high flying business career in Europe, I came back to Australia and came back to music. I needed to have a different story about my value as a creative person and as a musician.

I ran head first towards my fear, and the failure of my past musical life. I enrolled in a Master of Music in French Horn


During that time I realised that my true calling was to support creative people to thrive and to support companies that train creative people to do that better too. So I built a business that does just that.

Now I help others to connect their dots.




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