Susan is available for guest speaking engagements, program development, individual careers coaching and instrumental clinics.

The 21st century musical careers presentation was invaluable for our students. It gave them insight into the demands of and options for tertiary music study and beyond and how they could be life-long musicians. It opened our students’ eyes to the fact that developing skills beyond just performing is vital to ensure healthy, successful careers. The idea of building a ‘portfolio career’ was new for many students - and for some, quite a reality check! They all walked away from the presentation with new ideas about their futures as musicians. It has sparked ongoing discussions between both students and staff.
— Ingrid Martin, Conductor and Teacher, Blackburn High School

I have been featured as a Keynote and Plenary speaker on innovation and reform in music education. I can create and deliver student focussed clinics for secondary students, music business clinics for secondary and tertiary students, professional development for instrumental and classroom music educators and 21st century music careers seminars for students parents and teachers.

Whether you need a session on Goal Setting for Musicians, Time + Money Management for Musicians, Public Speaking for Musicians, Artist Branding or to learn about the emerging trends and innovative templates for undertaking higher music education, reach me at to discuss designing a session for your institution.

As my daughter is most interested in studying Music at university in the near future, we spent quite some time in Melba Hall that day (MCM Open Day). I am writing to say that we were particularly impressed with Susan de Weger’s presentation regarding future careers in Music. IgniteLab was an exciting and inspirational revelation to my daughter. She sought out Ms. De Weger after the talk to discuss the topic further. The idea that she could study Music at MCM/VCA and learn the necessary skills to create employment opportunities after her period of study, was not only reassuring but tremendously motivational, I believe.
— Louise Schumacher, Parent

I can create flexible, cost effective term consulting to organisations seeking design and deliver career development and music entrepreneurship initiatives.  I have particular expertise in creating compelling value propositions to support cultural and curriculum change for future students, current students, faculty and alumni.

If your institution requires analysis, strategy, implementation or promotion to integrate entrepreneurship and enterprise skills within existing frameworks, reform and reframe curriculum or create enrichment programs, reach me at  We can discuss how I founded IgniteLab, a world class program for the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music and am driving rapid cultural reform to improve our pipeline, engage current students, empower faculty, improve graduate outcomes and engage with industry.  Additionally, I can design high impact, cost effective stand alone events for your institution.

Susan provided me with the insight and confidence to recognise that the skill set I have is valuable and transferable. This has allowed me to realise my potential and transition into my chosen field.
— Leesa Dean, Former Principal Bassoon, Queensland Symphony Orchestra now Head of Woodwind at Haileybury

Working with an experienced, understanding and objective career coach can help you to define your goals, focus your energy, create an action plan and stay on track.  I can design a custom plan to fit your needs, goals and resources that can fast track your career.

We can work together to create or refine your professional deliverables and your business plan.  We can upgrade your networking, interview and media skills in person or via Skype, phone or email and between meetings I can provide tailored support to keep you focused and motivated.

If you want to talk about what you could you achieve with a customised career plan and weekly action steps, then let's set up a time to talk.  Reach me at

Susan responded to our request to host a masterclass for young students of the French Horn within Ballarat secondary schools. Susan provided individual and group tuition, demonstrated the instrument, shared performance and rehearsal techniques, and led rehearsals for an ensemble piece. I was impressed with Susan’s immediate rapport with the musicians who ranged in age from years seven to ten with varying degrees of performance experience. Susan’s demeanour placed the students at ease immediately prompting a comfortable and relaxed environment. Susan encouraged questions and interaction, to which the students responded well.
— Simon Marcollo Horn and Trumpet Teacher, Ballarat High School

As a passionate educator, I am available to convene clinics with Horn students, Brass students and chamber ensembles of all abilities. Reach me at to discuss how I can design a clinic for your students' needs.