At What Point Do We Stop Emerging?

Originally published as 'At what point do we stop emerging' on Cut Common Mag.

Emerging’ is often used as code by artists who don’t feel they are, or their work is, yet credible or ‘good enough’. We are educated to believe our craft must be perfect before it’s shown to the world, so the idea of promoting ourselves ‘in progress’ is frightening and loaded with overtones of career limiting consequences. So we use apologetic language like ’emerging’. It also tells the world that the artist hasn’t had the support to discover who they are, how they are unique, why the world should care. Otherwise, their bio would be a unique and compelling story, not an apology for an idealised, future version of who they might be. We only have one story, it’s who we are today.

Read the full article for thoughts from Genevieve Lacey, ARIA-winning recorder virtuoso, Sally Whitwell, ARIA-winning pianist and composer and Ben Opie, Oboist and Inventi Ensemble Co-Artistic Director.